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A few bands worth listening to(pt. 3):

Gogol Bordello

1. Gogol Bordello – These gypsy punk rockers fuse together Eastern European music with a modern punk twist.  They’re known for their exciting live performances and tour relentlessly.  Led by lead singer Eugene Hutz, his Ukrainian quirkiness helps to separate the band from most music out there today.

2. Miami Horror – Contrary to their name, Miami Horror hails from Australia.  They have an electronic sound that’s classified as disco-house and can be compared to bands like Chromeo, but better.

3. Yeasayer – I don’t think I’ve done one of these without at least one Brooklyn based band.  Yeasayer is a mix of middle-eastern sounds with electronic synth along with poppy soulful harmonies.

That’s it for this installment of a few bands worth listening to.  I hope you’ve come across something that piques your interest and feel free to recommend any bands to me for future installments.