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Delving into electronic music…

Daft Punk Alive 2007

Now, this article is really for the uninitiated.  If you’re already a big EDM fan, you may know a lot of what I’m going to say, and you may not agree with what I say either, which is entirely subjective.  Personally, I can take or leave electronic music, but every great while some songs are produced that are just amazing.   Now, there are a lot of big acts that aren’t gonna be mentioned here, so if you’re expecting to see David Guetta, Tiesto, Avicii or Deadmau5, then you may be disappointed, but if you want to hear more artists outside of the basic four being played everywhere these days, then you’re in luck.  So without wasting any more of your time, here are the tunes:

1. Daft Punk- Robot Rock 

The kings of house music, this French duo has been at it for over a decade and a half and continue to be one of the freshest sounds in the house scene.

2. RJD2- 1976

RJD2’s fresh blend of hip hop with instrumentals makes his sound unique and noticeable.  He’s even gone on to have a song used as the theme for AMC’s “Mad Men.”

3. Miami Horror- Summerfest ’86

Australian upstarts Miami Horror have a fresh sound similar to Chromeo or Cut Copy, but this song stands on it’s own.

4. Wolfgang Gartner- Illmerica

Grammy Award nominated Wolfgang Gartner is at the forefront of the American house music scene and this is just one reason why.

5. Cut Copy- Going Nowhere

Another band hailing from Australia, Cut Copy has been playing around the world for the past decade and their second album “In Ghost Colours” was number 1 on the ARIA music charts.

That’s all for now, tune in next time when we’ll sample some Aphex Twin, Booka Shade, Calvin Harris, Chromeo and Younger Brother.


The 3 Best Concerts I’ve Seen:

I was bound do one of these at some point, so I figured I’d kick the blog off right with a nice music post.  Now, I’ve seen countless concerts(maybe in the 500 range) in my time and many have left a lasting impression on my mind, but only 3 can be in the glorious top 3 list, so here goes nothing:

#3. Nine Inch Nails- The Dunkin Donuts Center; Providence, RI (2000)

in all his glory

This was shortly after the Fragile was released, which was to me a very underappreciated double album  I had grown up listening to NIN and getting to see them perform after years of listening was an amazing moment.  The raw and ruthless energy mixed with an amazing light show made for a captivating evening.  Trent pours his heart into every live performance and whoever the band consists of at the time only adds to the craziness.  Such a tightly played show combining new songs like Starfuckers Inc., Somewhat Damaged with classic crowd pleasers like Wish and Terrible Lie.

#2. Daft Punk- Lollapalooza; Chicago, IL (2007)

the pyramid of enlightenment

There’s no better way to party with 50,000 of your closest friends than at a Daft Punk show.  These French robots know how to throw a party and that summer in Grant Park in Chicago a party was had indeed.  LCD Soundsystem playing right before them on the opposite side of the grass was just a warmup for what we were about to witness.  The music blasted throughout downtown Chicago and thousands upon thousands of people danced their asses off in the cool summer evening as high-definition images were broadcasted on the two visible walls of the pyramid.  To share this evening with a large group of friends was the kicker as a hard dozen or so of us intermingled with the masses and cheered on the French duo as they blasted us with house music.

#1. Air- Berklee College Performance Center; Boston, MA (2009)

in their trademark all white digs

When this show was announced on the week of my birthday, I bought tickets right away and the anticipation built up from the get go.  My expectations were at an all-time high and they were exceeded by this performance.  First of all the Performance Center at Berklee College is the most pristine sounding venue I have ever been to.  The crowd was a mix of fans who travelled from all over the world to see this performance as I felt I was in the minority being an English speaking American at a show in Boston.  Every song was played with an amazing precision as the sound echoed gracefully through the theater.  The all white get ups helped to accentuate the ambient projections that were displayed behind the band.  A pin drop could be heard in the audience as everyone sat in attentive awe as the band worked their way from song to song.  Highlights include the whistling Alpha Beta Gaga and the epic instrumental La Femme d’Argent.