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Fear Not Sox Fans:

So it was a slow start to the season.  So the offense hasn’t been hitting consistently.  So the pitching hasn’t performed up to par.  So they’ve so far started the season off 6 and 11,  I can tell you one thing, they are the most talented 6 and 11 team in baseball right now.

hell come around

Now let’s look at the facts.  All 5 starting pitchers(including the quick to be hated on Daisuke and Lackey) have had quality starts in a row now; Jonathon Papelbon is 3 for 3 in save situations(still early, I know); and most important of all, no other team is running away with the division.  The Yankees are leading the AL East right now at 9 and 6.  That’s only a four game difference, which in baseball can be made up quickly.

Now, there are some downsides.  Carl Crawford is hitting .143; Youkilis and Ellsbury are hanging tough at .196, and Saltalamacchia is right in the Mendoza club with them at .194.  This won’t last forever.  Crawford and Youkilis will get their numbers up to standard.  Ellsbury somehow is leading the team in home runs.  Maybe he needs to start doing push-ups every time he hits it in the air a la Willie “Mays” Hayes, but I wouldn’t relegate him to that yet.

thank this guy

If it wasn’t for steady Jeddie, who knows where we’d be right now.  He’s worked hard in the early part of the season to earn the starting shortstop spot from another member of the under Mendoza club, Marco “Scoo Scoo” Scutaro.  Outside of Dustin Pedroia, Lowrie is the only Red Sox member batting over .300.  So what do I think the problem is so for?  I’ll tell you:

Terry Francona.  Sorry, Tito, but you need to chillax.  I’d be surprised if the Sox started the same lineup twice all season.  How do you expect players to get comfortable hitting when they don’t know if or when they are batting the next day?  It’s not only that either, although that is a big part of it too.  He has a had problem with leaving pitchers in too long when they obviously don’t have it that day.  Just as only you can prevent forest fires, only Tito can take a pitcher out when the score differential is still manageable.  Yet, in those first couple weeks, he’d let Lackey come out for that one extra inning when you knew plain as day that he didn’t have it that night.

Am I calling for him to be fired?  Obviously not, that would be a dick move to the man who coached us to two World Series titles, but he needs to slow his roll.  He’s overcoaching in the batting lineup and undercoaching in the calls to the bullpen.  Maybe if he could find a happy medium between the two, they could go from the bottom of the division back into the thick of things where this team belongs.  So did the Sox have a bad start?  Yes.  Is that going to stop them from winning the division?  No.  We’ve already seen how they stood up to the Yankees head to head, and those are the games that will matter most come August and September.  Can this team win its third World Series in 7 years?  Yes.  Are they that team yet?  Hell no.


TNA Lockdown Live Blog:

Doubling up tonight watching the Celtics and TNA Lockdown.  Lets get right down to business, Live from Cincinnatti:

all rage all cage

Match 1: Escape the Cage X Division match

Chris Sabin, Robbie E., Jeremy Buck Max Buck, Amazing Red, Jay Lethal, Suicide and Brian Kendrick

2 men at a time, tag in, pinfall or submission until the final 2 when 1 has to escape the cage.  Robbie E. with the first pin on Suicide.  Great wrestling from the Bucks, Jay Lethal, Sabin and Amazing Red, who just eliminated Lethal with a flipping powerbomb.  Chris Sabin follows right up w/ some high impact moves to eliminate Red.  Max Buck eliminates Sabin with a RKO from the top rope.  Jeremy Buck taking out years of frustration on his big brother, yet somehow is eliminated right after.  Kendrick successfully fought off the 2 on 1 and eliminates Robbie.

Down to Max and Kendrick as Buck hits the best powerbomb ever into the top turnbuckle on Kendrick.  Max Buck uses the ref to knock Kendrick off the top of the cage and escape to win the match.  He’s now #1 contender to Kazarian.  If there was any confusion on what the X Division still is these days, that should’ve explained quite well.

Bischoff is out and he’s pandering a bit before getting to talking about the Immortal vs. Fortune match.  SoCal Val backstage with Crimson and Big Poppa Pump.

Match 2:

4 way tag match- Ink Inc., The British Invasion, Crimson and Scott Steiner, and Eric Young and Orlando Jordan

Personally I want to see the newly reformed British Invasion win #1 contendership, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if Crimson and Steiner win.  Match starts off with some Eric Young shenanigans.  All 8 men, no matter how stupid a gimmick some of them may have, are excellent tag team wrestlers.  A lot of action throughout, but the crowd is growing weary chanting for Big Poppa Pump to get in the match.  Steiner finally gets in and takes control of both members of the BI.  Everyone takes turn hitting their finishing move ending with a missile dropkick from Eric Young.  Shannon Moore hits the moorgasm on Magnus for the win.  Of all the teams you wanna put in the world title program with Beer Money, why Ink Inc.?

Backstage with Madison and Tara and you can cut the tension with a knife.  I assume this will come into play during the next match:

Match 3:  Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James for the TNA Knockouts Title(belt vs. hair match)

If anyone saw the Mickie vs. Tara cage match that headlined Impact! a few months ago, then you know this could be an exciting hard fought match.  Granted Madison is no Tara, but she’s learned a little something over her title reign.  Mickie James is out and selling that arm injury from getting run over by Tara’s street bike.  Madison Rayne is out and doing her best Brutus the Barber Beefcake impression.

Match is on and Mickie is all over Madison.  tough day to be the queen.  DDT and a squash.  AMEN!  She’s gone without the title for too long.  Nice long celebration as Mickie James finally won every major women’s title in American professional wrestling.

Matt Morgan backstage with firecrotch, ready to take on Shawn Hernandez.  HA his name is Shawn.

Match 4:  D’Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe

I really wasn’t looking forward to this match, but it has legs to be a sleeper match of the night.  Joe really looking to punish the Pope, no quick wins here.  Pope regains control and tries to wear down Joe.  Joe fights back and we’re getting the double countdown in a cage match.  Really?  SLAPFIGHT!  Joe hits the musclebuster, but Pope gets his leg on the rope.  Joe kicks out on 1 after a flying elbow drop.  Rear naked choke in the middle of the ring and Pope has nowhere to go.  Tapout victory for Joe.  solid match.

Firecrotch now backstage with the Mexican Americans(beaners).

Match 5:  Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan

Long history between these two former reluctant tag team champions.  Although Morgan catches a lot of flack this should be an ok match.  Supermex has been on fire since turning heel and Morgan not so much since turning face.  Is it just me or have a lot of the competitors had new music tonight?

Morgan starts off strong until Anarchia grabs his leg through the camera hole in the cage long enough to let Supermex take control.  Hernandez has had total control for a while now.  The blueprint finally regains composure and hits a discuss clothesline.  Carbon footprint as Hernandez tries to hit a double axe handle off the top rope.  Matt Morgan for the win.

Sarita in the ring and talking shit to the Americans in the crowd.  poor Cincinnati.  Probably setting up a feud between Mickie James and Sarita.  And Velvet Sky has heard enough.  Velvet those sole Beautiful person takes out and strips the ladies from down south.

Karen Angle Jarrett backstage with Hemme.

Match 6:  Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett (2 out of 3 pinfall/submission/escape the cage)

Jarrett is out with that whore Karen.  And Brian Hebner kicks Karen out of ringside.  Angle and Hebner making sure the cage is nice and locked, so Jarrett can’t run away.  Jarrett really working over the submission attempts.  Angle hooks the ankle lock and gets the first fall.  Jarrett hits the stroke but Angle kicks out at 2.  Angle jits successive German suplexes and an Angle Slam but Jarrett is still able to kickout.  Jarrett escapes an angle slam and takes a small package for a 3 count taking the second fall.

The cage door is opened as getting out of the ring is the only way to win now.  Kurt Angle hits 5 successive German Suplexes on Jarrett and goes for the exit, but no, he thinks twice and locks the cage and goes back after Jarrett.  He rips Jarrett’s forehead open on the steel cage for some added abuse.  Angle tries climbing over Jeff to exit the cage but walks into a top rope powerbomb and the nastiest fall I’ve seen in a while.  Jarrett thinks he has it and starts climbing out, but Kurt musters up the strength to hit a top rope Angle Slam.  Kurt Angle tries to leave the cage but Gunner of Immortal comes out with a chair to stop him.  Angle decides to moonsault almost on Jarrett on the inside of the cage instead.  Scott Steiner comes out and chases Gunner away.  Angle finds the key and tries to exit the cage, but Karen came down and sprays him in the eye.  A blinded Kurt takes out the ref then manages to grab Jarrett and ankle lock him.  Karen throws in a guitar which Jarrett plants into Kurt’s head.  It’s a race to the cage door as Jeff is halfway out and Kurt grabs him in an ankle lock again, but the opportunist Karen closes the cage door on Kurt’s face in order for Jeff to crawl out and get the victory.  did I just type all that? jeez.

title match preview to follow.

Match 7:  Mr. Anderson vs. RVD vs. Sting-  TNA World Title match

RVD is the first out looking confused as usual.  Next comes Anderson and his only friend Mr. Microphone.   The glittery Icon Sting is out and Cincinnati is showing him lots of love.  To no surprise Sting and RVD start off beating on Anderson.  Doesn’t last long as RVD kicks Sting while going for the Scorpion Deathlock on Anderson.  Sting puts a double Scorpion Deathlock on both Sting and Anderson.  Anderson hits stereo mic checks on RVD and Sting.  Some great three way work in this match, and Hogan’s music hits and he makes his way to ringside.  Hogan has a lead pipe and hands it to RVD who kinda sorta reluctantly took it.  Van Dam throws the pipe down and doesn’t want to use it, but Anderson takes it and knocks out Van Dam.  Sting takes the opportunity to Scorpion Death Drop Anderson and take home the belt to Hogan’s dismay.

Match 8:  Lethal Lockdown- Fortune vs. Immortal

Immortal won the 1 man advantage at Impact this week and their team consists of Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, Abyss and Ric Flair.  Fortune will be represented by Robert Roode, James Storm, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.  TNA Orignals vs. the New Regime so to speak.

X Divsion Champ Kazarian starts off against Abyss for the first 3 minutes.   Smart tactic by Immortal for using the big man against the much smaller Kazarian.  Matt Hardy comes in for the 1 man advantage for the next 2 minutes, but its basically 1 on 1 because Kazarian did a good job of immobilizing Abyss.  Abyss is up and Hardy hits the icepick on Kazarian while Abyss stomps him out.  Christopher Daniels in to even the odds.  I don’t really agree with Fortune’s gameplan.  But Daniels takes over quick and hits the Best Moonsault Ever.

The Nature Boy is in, and its time for the dirtiest player in the game to work the numbers game.  Cowboy Storm is in and he brought his beer with him.  Beer bottle to the head of Flair and here comes the blood.  Fortune having their way with Immortal, but Bully Ray looms.  Bubba has seen enough and cleans house in a jiffy.  Robert Roode is getting pumped up as his teammates are taking a beating.

Roode is in and the cagetop comes down to make Lethal Lockdown official.  Fortune is first to the weapons(its not their first rodeo) and they are laying it to Immortal.  Abyss gets thrown out the cage and Daniels follow.  Hardy climbs to the top of the cage and Daniels follows.  Matt Hardy hits a back drop that almost sees Daniels falling from the side of the cage.  Daniels eventually gets back to his feet and hits a flying body splash on Matt Hardy and Abyss all the way down on the floor.  Inside the ring Roode figure fours Flair only to get a trashcan to the head from Bully Ray.

Bully Ray gets hold of a kendo stick and its blatant head shots to all members of Fortune.  Flair gets one of his own and joins in on the fun as all four Fortune members are laid out.  Get Ready to Fly plays and AJ is out!  He heads to the ring quick and goes directly for Bully Ray, hits him with a barrage and lays him out with a Pele kick.  Roode puts a fujiwara armbar on Flair causing Flair to tap and a WIN for Fortune Four(5).

AJ Styles returns as Fortune stands tall as the ppv comes to a close.  And people question who the top face in TNA is.  I think that answers everything.  I’m tired, good show, goodnight everyone.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

And it is now; The NBA Playoffs.  The season after the season starts today and I’m going to dedicate today’s post to that fact.  For many years, I would look forward to this time of year, curl up on the couch, get nice and stoned and watch playoff basketball.  People say the NBA has gone downhill, but to me, the basketball playoffs are the best time of the year in sports.  Personally, I don’t like NCAA basketball.  What with their 35 second shot clock and 50 point scoring wins, it doesn’t do anything for me.  The NBA on the other hand is my bread and butter, and whats the Wonder Bread of the NBA:

the last ride of Wyatt Earp and his Immortals

So what?  I’m a homer Boston Celtics fan.  Did you really think I was gonna break down the playoffs with my predictions of who would win and when?  No, that shit is played out.  What I am gonna do is give my solid argument why the Celtics will take down banner 18 this year.

First off, everyone in the world has been harping on them since the Perkins trade, and maybe deservedly so, but lets look at the facts:

When the trade went down Perkins was still a ways away from 100%.

The Celtics desperately needed someone to take some time off of Paul Pierce who has the ability to rise to the occasion and carry this team on his back like no one else.

The Celtics would not be able to keep Perkins into the 2011-2012 season and we have 2 former all-star centers on our bench healing from seperate injuries.

So, to me, the Perkins trade wasn’t as bad as everyone likes to make it out to be.  So we lost Nate Robinson; we also have Delonte West who, when healthy, can be much more of a threat than Nate Robinson can ever dream of.  The most overlooked part of the equation is Nenad Krstic.  Everyone says “oh he’s no Perk,” well guess what?  He isn’t, but he is his own man who brings several different things to the table that Perk didn’t.  Like legit scoring opportunities down low.  Shooting range that can spread out the defense, and also offensive rebounding to score second chance points.

Yet still people say we will miss Perkins because of his defensive play.  Yes, they will a little bit, but guess what?  Kevin Garnett knows how to play defense.  Did we forget that fact?  How many teams, outside of the Lakers have multiple 7 footers that are viable offensive talents?  not many.  Paul Pierce knows how to play defense, and has consistently been paired off up against any teams best offensive threat in the playoffs and his record speaks for itself.  They are 9 and 2 in playoff series in the past 3 years with Paul Pierce guarding some of the best offensive talents the NBA has to offer.  Rajon Rondo knows how to play defense, and he can match up well against any point guard in the NBA today.  So lets put the defensive arguments behind us.  How many teams in the NBA have 5 starters that you need to worry about at all times?  Not many.

So yeah, I may be a Celtics homer, sue me, but until someone beats them decisively in the playoffs, then I have 0 reason to think someone can otherwise.  The Lakers needed 7 games to beat them last year and that was with an injured Perkins.  The Magic needed 7 games to beat them two years ago and that was with an injured Kevin Garnett.  So as far as I’m concerned, the Celtics still are a force to be reckoned with and will be hungry to prove the haters wrong once again.