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The only woman that matters in the music industry:

And it ain’t Lady Gaga.  First of all, nothing but praise to the past greats like Janis Joplin, Emmylou Harris and Joni Mitchell amongst others who’ve paved the way to great female musicians today(can’t leave out Dusty Springfield for that matter).  There are tons of up and comers out there making it cool again to be a woman singer such as Adele and Grace Potter, but there is one true queen of musical artistry:

were you expecting any less?

That’s right, the Icelandic goddess herself holds the throne and ain’t about to give it up anytime soon.  She’s pushing 45 and has more talent in her left pinky than the all the top charting Divas combined.  Even from her days from the Sugarcubes, she was a breath of fresh air to the music world.

And on her own, she broke all the rules of music and pushed it to boundaries so ahead of her time that she influenced many great bands of modern days.

And that’s not even mentioning her live work.  Live, she is backed by full orchestras, homeless drummers, pretty much anythng you can think of.  And she certainly doesn’t need to lip-synch like the American shit that gets pumped on the radio nowadays.

see the 2:12 moment for what I’m talking about.  Let’s see that one, Britney.

Yeah, I know I’m getting ‘Post’ heavy, but there’s no denying the greatness in those performances.  Also. If you haven’t seen ‘Dancer in the Dark’ WATCH IT.  She can act too, and its a great flick as far as cinematography is concerned.

Fortunately for us, she ain’t close to done yet.  She’s got multiple things in the works as well as a six night run in Manchester. England to promote Biophilia.  Do I smell a new tour coming?  I certainly hope so.


Top 5 Bond Girls:

Now, over the past few years, watching James Bond movies has become one of my favorite pastimes.  It also helps that Encore plays pretty much every Bond movie every year in the late spring, so after having examining the movies, I’ve compiled my list of the top 5 Bond Girls of alltime.

If you notice there are some glaring omissions of women from any 90’s or 2000’s Bond movies.  Its not that I don’t think these girls are capable of being up there, I just think the movies are lacking the flair of the original run of James Bond, so for all intents and purposes, I’ll be keeping it to Bond girls from the 60’s and 70’s.  Without further ado:

#5 Teresa diVicenzo – Diana Rigg “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

She gets bonus points as being the only woman who was worthy of marrying James Bond.  Otherwise I’d have given the five spot to Plenty O’Toole or a more modern Bond Girl(Famke Jannsen or Halle Berry).  Unfortunately she is murdered shortly after the wedding, and that is why the James Bond of today cares not for a woman’s heart but only her body, but back then you had to be a bad bitch to get James Bond to marry you.  So congrats to Diana Rigg for that.

#4 Solitaire- Jane Seymour “Live and Let Die”

Live and Let Die

Does it get much hotter than Jane Seymour in “Live and Let Die”?  Back before she was Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and hocking jewelery for Kay, she was quite a piece of ass.  Working as Kananga’s personal psychic, she lost her virginity to James Bond causing her skills to diminish and her to join up with Bond to take down Mr. Big and his crew of henchmen.

#3 Pussy Galore- Honor Blackman “Goldfinger”


Pussy, along with having the best name(outside of Plenty O’Toole) has the distinction of being the first real smart Bond girl.  She wasn’t just some piece of ass, but also an accomplished pilot and a major part of Goldfinger’s operation to steal the gold from Fort Knox.  Fortunately for her, she gets her sense along with some dick and joins forces with Bond to thwart Goldfinger’s heist.

#2 Honey Ryder- Ursula Andress “Dr. No”

Dr. No

Ursula has the distinction of being the first Bond girl, and even after 40+ years, she was arguably the hottest of them all.  It was hard not to put her in the top spot, but she didn’t have much to offer besides being a local Jamaican who knew the lay of the land and liked to collect seashells.  Still though, she belongs nearer to the top than anyone else, besides my final choice:

#1 Anya Amasova- Barbara Bach “The Spy Who Loved Me”

The Spy Who Loved Me

The total package.  Bach was hot, smart, tough, had it all.  She was a Russian KGB agent who worked sometimes with and against Bond to take down Karl Stromberg and his Atlantis undersea base.  She also survived multiple run-ins with Jaws which not many women can be lucky to say they have.  So here’s to you Barbara Bach, you are the best Bond girl, at least in my eyes.