The Best of John Lennon:


Now, I was born a couple of years after he was shot, but that doesn’t change the fact that his music has hit me deeper than pretty much anyone in the history of music.  Both during the Beatles tenure and afterwards.  My parents favorite Beatle was George Harrison and I get that.  I watched his HBO documentary about four times now, and love everything he has to offer and he had such a beautiful mind.  But when it comes to the Fab Four, nobody speaks to me quite like John did.  So in today’s installment, I’m gonna arbitrarily rattle off a random number of my favorite post-Beatles John Lennon songs:

1. Watching the Wheels

This one really goes without saying and should be on anyone’s top 5 John Lennon song list.  He just captured lightning in a bottle with this song and it speaks to any person of any generation on some wavelength.

2. Jealous Guy

An amazing song where he lets you inside his soul like no one else and boldly takes responsibility in the plight of love like not many men are willing to do.

3. Working Class Hero

This song is deep, way deep, and is more relevant now more than ever.  He just breaks down the expectations of societal life and drops the hammer on it like it’s his job.

4. Woman

I can’t even listen to this song without shedding a tear or many tears for that matter.  So Yoko may have broken up the Beatles, she did give us this, so we can at least respect her for that.

5. Look at Me

John waxing philosophical as only he can.  This is one of his simpler songs, but the message of wondering who you are and what your role is in the world hits me right at home.

There you have it for this week.  Clearly I left off some heavy hitters (Instant Karma, etc.), but to each their own.  If you have your own personal list of top Lennon songs feel free to comment with them below.  Until next time….


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    • More posts or John Lennon songs? My blog has been on an indefinite hiatus, but I hope to bring it back soon. Feel free to look through older posts though, and thank you.

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