Synchronicity III

“In Shamanic Cultures, synchronicities are recognizes as signs that you are on the right path” Daniel Pinchbeck

Synchronicities happen all the time to everyone.  Unfortunately, the untrained mind refers to them as coincidences.  The word coincidence is a cop-out expression used to keep people from further examining the true meaning of what is really happening.

Sychronicities can be perplex and they can be completely simple.  Have you ever gotten into your car and the first song you hear on the radio speaks directly to you and the current situation you are in?  Have you ever thought of someone and randomly out of the blue that person calls you seconds later?  These are just simple examples of synchronicity.

Of course, most people just write them off as coincidences and think nothing of it, but if you truly recognize the synchronicity of the situation, you will realize that they happen more and more often in more and more complex ways.

Society as a whole wants you to believe that these are solely coincidental, but, the fact remains, these complex synchronicities occur to people who are on the path to enlightenment.  When you recognize that there are no such thing as coincidences, your mind starts to open up to the interconnectivity to the universe.

Every “coincidence” happens for a reason and that reason is to show you that there is more to life that seven billion separate people living on a day-to-day basis.  Synchronicity is only a step, but when recognized it opens up a world around you that you were never able to see with your naked eye.  The ability to change your view on the world as opposed to sticking to what you had predetermined at childhood and puberty is true enlightenment and recognizing synchronicity is a major step on the path to true enlightenment.


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