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5 Reasons the 80s were better than today(pt IV)

This is the Rocky IV of 80s music as far as I’m concerned.  Not to take anything away from the previous fifteen bands, but we’re gonna go out guns blazing on this one, although I have some heavy hitters saved for future installments.  All beating around the bush aside:

The Police

#5 The Violent Femmes

Give a band an acoustic guitar, a bass and a snare drum and this is what happens.  These Milwaukee upstarts may not have achieved global fame, but they had a great decade pumping out numbers like this here gem.

#4 Pet Shop Boys

If you’ve been paying attention to these lists at all, you’ll know that British Electro-pop from the 1980s is easily the genre that gets the most mention in this here compilation, and the Pet Shop Boys will continue that streak.

#3 The B-52s

Athens Georgia’s very own B-52s may have started dropping amazing tunes like ‘Rock Lobster’ and ‘Planet Claire’ in the late 70s, but rose to fame in the MTV decade of the 1980s.

#2 Blondie

Like their previously listed cohorts, the Talking Heads, Blondie was at the forefront of the late 70s punk scene in New York City.  Luckily, they released a couple albums in the early 80s before breaking up for an extended period of time.  Plus Debbie Harry was a fox, so they got that going for them.

#1 The Police

At the forefront of the British punk scene of the late 70s and early 80s were Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers and some guy named Sting and for 5 albums between 1978 and 1983, you really couldn’t ask for a much better offering from any band.

That’s all for today, but I assure this isn’t the last tirade of 80s music you’ll get out of me so keep your eyes open for rounds five and six.


My favorite tweets (pt 2):

Unedited; commentary saved for after:

shelby fero
shelbyfero shelby fero
Sarah Silverman
SarahKSilverman Sarah Silverman
(to the tune if Claire de lune) thats the joke u dumb cunt RT @Penaltyb0x14 @SarahKSilverman What guy doesn’t like back to the future?
Stephen Colbert
StephenAtHome Stephen Colbert
Congratulations to the lucky buyers of MySpace! Now, enjoy forgetting you have it for two years.
Esther Povitsky
Little_Esther Esther Povitsky
If you look hard enough, you can find everything you need scattered across your bedroom floor.
Garry Shandling
GarryShandling Garry Shandling
When I buy condoms, I like to try one on to make sure it doesn’t make me look fat.
Kirsten Price
Kirsten_Price Kirsten Price

@GShep323 hahaha that takes me back! Lol
Alec Sulkin
thesulk Alec Sulkin
“Wanna listen to Pearl Jam?” “Nah. I’m just gonna take a tough shit in work boots.”
Esther Povitsky
Little_Esther Esther Povitsky
if you’re a hot guy and we’ve had sex and you haven’t changed your fingerprints, you are totally my boyfriend now.
Gregg Shepherd
GShep323 Gregg Shepherd
If more chicks were like Casey Anthony, I’d have unprotected sex more often.
rob corddry
robcorddry rob corddry
Just introduced my five year old daughter to Joni Mitchell’s Blue. Fuck you, future boyfriends!
Sarah Silverman
SarahKSilverman Sarah Silverman

Im pretty sure we’re the last of the all-human generations

Shelby Fero and Esther Povitsky’s comedy has been a favorite of mine for the past couple months.   Same goes for Alec Sulkin, now not being from LA, I’m not one to tell you when or where they do standup or how well it is, but they translate well to twitter.  And then you got the old sage’s of comedy and Twitter like Corrdry and Silverman with their deep thoughts.  Of course, I had to throw in the only tweet I’ve favorited from myself as well as longtime friend Kirsten Price hitting me up.

I want this to help show how much more you can get out of rocking a twitter account than being on facebook looking at pictures of someone’s weddings and babies every other day.  It’s to the point, you can follow whoever you want and use it as practice for making 140 character statements.

moe. Summer Tour ’11(Newport and Lowell)

Eastern New England was double lucky this year as moe. announced two shows about a week apart from each other in Newport and Lowell respectively.  Seeing as the only times I see them these days are when they come to me, I was happy to get 2 shows within an hour drive.

First up, Newport.  Now, I’m fairly local, and its pretty much protocol to get sloppy drunk whenever I go to Newport and last Thursday night (7/14) was no different.  We got to town early and took up stools at a local Irish Pub for some drinks and seafood.  We sucked down a few oysters while meeting up with a handful of friends before heading down to the Yachting Center for the show.

The Yachting Center is basically a large tent that was on the opposite side of the Wharf from where we were stationed.  We got to the venue and grabbed a quick round of drinks before heading in and settling in the front row, al.side.

Set 1 was fairly short and to the point as it clocked in at roughly fifty-five minutes.  It was a nice touch in the second spot and the Bearsong > George was just enough to leave us wanting more.  Setbreak was spent at the end of the pier chit chatting with various moe.rons and taking in the air.  The second set started off much stronger with the drum intro to Water.  The segues into Hector’s Pillow and Spaz Medicine were to the point, but it made for a nice combo of tunes.  Blue Eyed Son was a nice dustoff to keep everyone’s feet moving for a few minutes.

The highlight of the show was the Captain America into Mexico which featured a strong jam between the two.  Once it became apparent it was going towards Mexico, I became delighted as I was shouting for it most the show(a not unpopular pastime of mine).  Al seemed to be leading the band most the night and showed that off especially during Bearsong and Mexico.  When the opening notes to Lazarus came, I took a break from the pit and moved back outside of the tent to feel the wind for a bit.  The set ended and left most of us unfulfilled, so the Plane Crash encore was a nice touch.  We knew they were working on a tight schedule and managed to give us just enough to hold us over for the night.  Overall it was your average ‘feelgood’ moe. show.  Nothing too crazy, but enough high points to make it worthwhile(especially in set two).

Now Lowell on the other hand is a city nothing like Newport at all.  It is lined by big brick buildings and there are nary any spots of grass in the downtown area.  Low and behold, behind the high school laid a pristine area for seeing a concert.  A grassy knoll so to speak with trees for shade and raised levels made for a perfect moe. viewing experience.  This night, I was not so drunk and took a more lucid approach at the festivities of the evening.

This show was a lot more even to me.  Second Bearsong in as many shows was a welcome event for me.   After Where Does the Time Go, they transformed their way into a Rebubula-ish zone before Rob and Jim took it to the Dr. Graffenberg zone.  Any set that includes both Bearsong and Dr. Graf is a good sign to me.  Setbreak was spent mixing drinks on the lawn and meeting some neighbors in the lower Chuck zone.

Opium was a welcome surprise to me.  It gets a bad wrap for being a slower moe.tune, but its nice to hear Rob wail and see Chuck show off his slide skills.  Threw It All Away brought back that old school vibe of Graf and Bear in the first set.  Tambourine and Downward Facing Dog each showed off more slidework from Chuck.  The drop from Hi and Lo to Timmy Tucker was the highlight of the night.  The segue itself was nothing too tricky, but Rob drove home the intro, slapping the shit out of his bass every step of the way.  Like this was an A+ Timmy Intro for what its worth, the Chuck solo seemed a tad short, but I didn’t mind since we got a full on drive it on home Al solo in its absence.  Its rare I see a Timmy lately where Al’s solo takes precedence over Chuck’s, but it was greatly appreciated.

The encore was solid.  Not as exciting as the Plane Crash a week earlier, but the Pit was very well played.  Just a tad awkward to see the show end on a vocal ending, maybe they could’ve flip flopped the two and it would’ve been a bit smoother.  Overall Lowell was a good to great show.  Good if you don’t like Opium or Tambourine and great if you do.

I met a lot of good people last night which was nice to see so many new and smiling faces out on the scene.  Hopefully Chuck lost the Panama Jack hat he was wearing last night before getting into Vibes, because he looked pretty dorky in it, but besides that everyone in the band played well with Al taking home MVP honors in Newport and Rob getting the nod in Lowell.  See you all at moe.down.

The 90s pt 1: Brit Pop

The Brothers Gallagher

The 90s brought us many genres throughout its decade.  From Seattle Grunge to Newmetal like Korn and Limp Bizkit, and obviously, some came across better than others.  One that held up throughout the test of time was Britpop from the mid-ninties.  Bands like Suede, Pulp and Blur held up their end of the spectrum, but it was clearly led by the once bigger than the Beatles, Oasis.

Pulp- Razzmatazz

Blur- Girls & Boys

Now Pulp and Blur are about as polar opposite as can be.  Pulp started out in the early 80s and eventually received fame worldwide with their song ‘Common People’, but they continued on into the 90s to mixed reactions.  Eventually overdrive and cocaine got the best of them and they had to hang it up in the late 90s.

Blur on the other hand had very little fame, but a decent amount of good songs, until 1997 when they came out with ‘Song 2’.  That may have been their shining moment, but it really is the song that is used to pigeonhole them as a one hit wonder who never did anything exceptional outside of that.

Then we have the Cain and Abel of the Rock and Roll World.  The Gallagher Brothers of Oasis, who could make amazing albums and put on great shows so long as they could be in the same room at the same time together, which clearly was the hardest part of it all.

After this came albums less and less creative as their original, as well as the advent of singers like Robbie Williams and the Spice Girls, and just like that, Britpop of the mid 90s was swept under the carpet never to be seen of again.

5 reasons the 80’s were better than today(pt 3):

Alright, now that I’ve knocked off ten bands (Pulp, New Order, Duran Duran, the Psychedelic Furs, Yaz, The Cure, Oingo Boingo, INXS, Echo & the Bunnymen and XTC) it is going to be a struggle to continue onward with this topic.  Luckily for me, I got a couple saved away for the future and that is now.

one of the best bands of all time.

Now on with the list:

#5. The Dead Milkmen

From the city of brotherly love came a band not like any before it with their odd satirical punk rock themes.

#4. The Human League

Back to Britain for some old fashioned synth pop.  Songs like this and ‘Don’t You Want Me’ kept them popular and kicking out the hits throughout the 80’s and further.

#3. Devo

These Americans whipped their way into the mind of the young MTV generation in 1980 with ‘Whip It’ and have garnered a strong cult following ever since.

#2. Depeche Mode

Back to the 80’s Britain Electronica with the band who probably did it the best.  Starting off as a band influenced by the likes of the Cure, Depeche Mode skyrocketed into their own niche with songs like this.

#1. The Talking Heads

Although they started gaining recognition in the late 70’s with Psycho Killer, they blew up in the MTV forcefed 80’s and were pretty much the frontrunner for the best band of the decade.  Although they broke up in 1991, they pumped out eight albums and toured extensively in the 80’s.  Which means, if you’ve been living under a rock and have never seen ‘Stop Making Sense’ go out and buy it right now, you will forever be in my debt.

That’s it for now, I’ve been posting less lately since it’s the Summer and like you all, I’d rather be out doing shit too, but fear not, I’ll still check in with all my minions periodically.